The Brewery

The brewery is a 4bbl self build (and converted) system designed to give maximum flexibility when brewing. Designed, mangled and installed by James.

We currently cannot sell beer to the public from our site but if you’d like to buy some we can make arrangements. If you’d like a tour then this can also be accommodated once the initial madness is over. Please e-mail beer@axiombrewing.co.uk for more details.

The People


JamesB has been a beer lover since he was old enough to legally drink (and maybe a bit before). He learnt to homebrew as a student (although if you ask him that was just for cheap beer) and has been brewing ever since. He was the Head Brewer at the town’s Sandstone Brewery for five years but decided to leave to set up The Axiom by the time it was sold in October 2013. He’s is the head (only!) brewer, cleaner, electrician, builder, carpenter and paperwork monkey. Although he can’t name one favourite beer he will admit to Salopian Oracle, Cantillon Kriek and Rochefort 10.



NickyC suffered a few unmentionable years as a Strongbow drinker before finally being converted over to the darkside by James. As his long suffering partner she’s endured years of non-stop beer talk so it was inevitable really. She does everything else around the place and helpfully is probably first to comment when something doesn’t taste quite right. Her favourite beer is Oakham Green Devil IPA.

Frequently Asked Questions.


Are you craft?

Whilst the brewery may be held together by glue and string the beers aren’t so we’ll have to say no.

Will you make a lager?

I assume you mean a pale pilsnery type affair? Nope. We’ll leave that to our friends at Wrexham Lager.

Can you send me labels, bottle tops and other items for my bar in [insert name of eastern european town]?


Will you send me free beer in return for a favourable review on our blog?


Why doesn’t your website have any pictures of kittens?

I’m afraid all our cats are grown up. I can however, offer you a picture of one of them in a pink tutu.


We’d like to offer you a complementary website review/SEO services/yadayada…

No thanks.