Hello world!

Welcome to our new website. Although we’re still working hard to get the brewery up and running (not to mention the mountains of paperwork that even a small operation like this needs to complete in order to open and run) we’re still busy brewing test batchs on the pilot kit. But not only that. Back at the end of February James took some time out to travel down to Pontyclun, the home of Pixie Spring and Hopcraft Breweries to brew up a collaboration beer with them and Art Brew.

Having spent extensive time communicating via e-mails, texts and carrier pigeon [1] both John and I arrived early and waited for the boys to arrive. Eventually they turned up and we made a Black Belgian IPA coming in at a very sessionable 6.0%. The beer is doing the rounds at the moment. If you’re local to us then it should be available at Kash very soon. Here’s what to look out for:

WEB CLIP Faultline

And here’s a gratuitious photo of James digging out the mash tun.


You can read Gazza’s write up of it all over on his blog





[1] Might not be entirely true. We sort of winged it on the day.

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