Having a Break

No, I’m not stepping back from brewing. For those of you who weren’t already aware (and those who were – many thanks for the weeks of p*ss-taking) the week after the madness of North Wales Beer Festival I ended up coming off my bike and breaking three ribs. I could barely breathe without swearing for a month. Now as I’m basically a one man band (with a little help from Nicky) there was absolutely no way I could brew and I didn’t really want to put my beers in the hands of someone, however enthusiastic, didn’t know their way around my kit.

Anyway, time is a great healer and a month ago I finally managed to get a brew on. This was Induction, a 3.5% “Session IPA”*. I wanted to see if I could get a decent body in a beer of such low alcohol and also pack it full of flavour. I finally got to taste it in the pub last weekend and I think we’ll call that a success shall we?

Meanwhile, while Induction was conditioning, I managed to come off my bike again and break my collarbone. Life has such a sense of humour. Another month off. Grrr.

Thankfully, although still sore and not quite up to my usual mobile self I’m finally back to brewing and chomping at the bit to get a load of beers on the go.

Last Sunday, I manged to do something that we’ve been talking about on and off for months. With the help of Pene Coles, we’ve re-created her Taid’s Garden recipe. This beer was a perennial favourite of mine while getting to know the beer in the area and it was sorely missed by me and many other people when Pene closed Jolly Brewer 5 years ago. Delicate and refreshing; this is not meant to be a hop bomb – indeed it’s used the least amount of hops in the brew that I’ve ever used at Axiom – but it’s meant to hark back to times before the word craft was constantly in everybody’s faces. Although I’ve had to tweak the recipe slightly to compensate for brewing it on a larger scale than Pene’s old ten gallon system I hope I’ve managed to do it justice and am really looking forward to seeing how it turns out. I’d like to thank Pene for letting me brew it. You can read what Des de Moor had to say about the original Taid’s Garden here. It should be available by the end of August.

Finally, by popular demand I’m brewing Conclusion again next week. There will be a limited number of casks with a little tweek. I’m a massive fan of Salted Licorice (google salmiakki) so I’ll be playing with trying to introduce this flavour into a few casks. Give me a shout if you’d like one.





One thought on “Having a Break

  1. Pene Coles says:

    Thank you James , for recreating Taid’s Garden. I hope it tastes nice.
    Don’t forget to make one of your lovely beers for the Overton Beer Festival on October 16th.
    Best wishes.
    p.s I had to write my email address in the box provided but don’t forget that it is not working now.

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