Picture of New Dawn fermenting.

First Brew is underway!

Well May the 4th came and went but July the 6th will be as memorable for other reasons. After months of wrangling with various authorities we finally got the go ahead to start brewing.

After a long and tiring day of minor problems (slight re-design of the kit is in order I think) we have 2.5bbl of New Dawn in the fermentation vessel. This isn’t a full size batch but I’d like to see how it turns out before doing a larger one and I’m sure the recipe may need tweaking to get it to it’s very best. The first brew on any kit that you’re not familiar with is always a bit nerve wracking. Did I sanitise that part? Did I remember to do this? Shit, why did that hose blow off? ARGH, why’s that leaking. Is that tank clean enough? The usual.

Anyway, 400l of hoppy gorgeousness is currently fermenting away.

Picture of  New Dawn fermenting.

First sips (by me) will commence shortly. Assuming everything goes well there will be a cask heading out slightly earlier than I’d like to a certain beer festival in Birmingham. I’ll update you all on that when if it happens.

New Dawn Pumpclip


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